Can’t Go? Bunged Up? Pipes Clogged?

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constipated monkey

Constipation is not a subject often spoken about in polite company, but I’ve found it simply amazing that when one person brings the subject up, the discussion can go on forever … and ever!

Talking about constipation can involve ways and means, trying this and that, but in the main the talk is about the disappointing results, for one reason or other.

So here goes – opening a discussion that gets so many people involved.

Why talk about such a sensitive personal subject?

Because my experience in personal coaching helps me ask direct questions about why people are dissatisfied. Time and again the emotional blockages within people’s brains seemed to connect with their bowel blockages!

How do I relate to this? Because it happened to me!

Constipation pain was almost a 24×7 decades old occurrence. Like most constipatees (new word), I thought I had tried everything known and spent and wasted a fortune over the years. Finally a few years ago a nutritional scientist friend recommended I try a product called Herbal Fibreblend, which had been around for 30 years, yet I hadn’t heard about it.

Oh boy, bowel bliss was the outcome!


happy monkey


But for me to share this with you and not be embarrassed has taken some doing, but thank goodness it has happened. If you’re where I’ve been, I’d like to give you the information of how you get hold of some to try.

Here’s what you can do:

I’m giving you my details to a membership site where only members can purchase products. Given your interest in health, I felt it better for you to go right inside the site and see all the available information which is not on the general website.

Go to this address: then at the blue bar on the top, click on the Login Tab, then key in my member number and password, which is quite acceptable to give you. Member #9909070  t0paziz0

Once in the member’s area, you can download product fact sheets or go straight to the Product Tab. Then scroll down to Herbal Fibreblend. You’ll see the best part about it is the price. For members it’s about $44 a container or approximately 29 cents per serve plus there’s a small fee for postage.

If you prefer you can call the office number in or near the country in which you live. Countries are listed in the members area of the website.

Nutrition Academy

Those with a keen interest in health and wellness, can expand their knowledge further and participate in the Nutrition Academy, and ultimately become a coach. All that’s on the website.

Free Membership

The company is a membership company, supplying members direct so the products are rarely seen in stores anywhere in the world. Also there’s no fee to join, no product quantities monthly or annually, nor any other requirements other than becoming a member to get whatever you want and whenever you like.

It’s easy to start using Herbal Fibreblend, it tastes good (particularly my favourite the raspberry one), and the results are magical.

Here’s how I use it: put the desired amount of Herbal Fibreblend in a quarter cup of water, not a full cup, stir well, then I drink it right away and follow that with a full glass of room temperature water not icy cold water. Half an hour later I have a warm drink possibly tea or coffee. You can read more instructions on the container.

There you have it.

Digestive problems are a universal problem, little wonder given all the toxins in the environment and the foods we eat. So it’s not surprising health problems will continue to exist in western society.

So the solution I offer you is a valuable approach to increasing then maintaining good health and wellbeing.


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