Change Agents eBook Edition

with Brian Tracy & Di Todd-Banks

Nothing Endures But Change

The world is constantly changing. Change is around us everywhere. A new world presents new challenges … and new opportunities for people of all ages.

Change is a basic survival mechanism. Youth and inexperience love change. As we get older – we develop a resistance to change – at times to our detriment.

Adopting and promoting change in our lives as well as the lives of others is a progressive and entrepreneurial trait.

Change Agents lead the way. They prefer to be the ones blazing trails and making changes.

And now I have some great news to share with you.

I worked on a book with some top entrepreneurs all around the world in the field of change — including the legendary Brian Tracy! The Celebrity Experts® in this book have attained success first by changing themselves then, helping those in the world around them.

The great news is, shortly after the launch, the book we all wrote together called Change Agents, became an international best seller.

Now I am a co-author in three international best selling books which is absolutely wonderful and shows that after any setback, every one us has the ability to bounce back into life.


“Excellent advice for anyone in business! I read many books and case studies in my Executive MBA program, and this one should be a must read for anybody looking to understand and embrace change in their professional and personal lives.”

WK Evans

“Great results. I think it came out well and reaches it’s target with many of the people who have been programmed today. ”

James Moss