Di Meets Simon T Bailey & Visits the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Another Brilliant Day in Hollywood … all I can say is WOW!

With the warm brilliant sunshine glowing on the Hollywood Walk of Fame what an inspiring way to begin a day. Seeing many of the past and present famous names etched in a rose quartz coloured star into the sidewalk, then walking all over them, just doesn’t seem right.

Today was all about inspiration, motivation, emotion, and tons of passion exuding from the incredible presenters. Set inside the hallowed walls of the old style Hollywood theatre, Beachers Bakehouse Theatre, it’s an area where groups are rarely allowed to hold meetings or Summits as ours was; so it was a special honor to be there, and to celebrate that and the day, each author delegate was given mimosa (OJ and champagne) or good champagne.

Then on came Simon T Bailey with a bang – so much energy, so much passion, fire and enthusiasm you couldn’t help but smile.

But it wasn’t too long before Simon had everyone rolling with laughter and this continued for most of his session however he is not a funny man! He is deadly serious and very keen to impart his knowledge in a quest to help those that come into his world like all of the authors present.

Frequently dotted amongst his humorous personal stories were profound “pearls of wisdom” and knowledge and although some of the points you may have heard before, that didn’t matter because of the way he presented them with loads of humor – in fact at one point I literally fell out of my seat laughing.

Here are some of those pearly moments I managed to record but sorry folks they’re minus the homorous presentatiion. Every presentation was filmed and thankfully each author will receive copies of every video.

Here are some of those “pearls”:

  • There are 20,000 moments in every day make the most of them all because every moment creates momentum.
  • Consciously learn to understand and master … moments.
  • People are like elevators they take you up or down! Be around those who take you up!
    Sometimes you can be successful but lost!
  • Whatever you don’t deal with will deal with you.
  • Whenever you are stuck in life you are stuck in your mind When the brain is worried the brain slows down Worry, fear, stress have a pinic in your soul so you get stuck, stagnant You gotta let it go … to let it come!
  • When you let it go you release the negative energy and that opens up the doors to let it come!
  • Everything you need to be brilliant is inside of you Rejection is a gift Frustration is a gift and Failure is not final, failure is feedback Failure is your friend Failure is a gift to you
  • You were born to be brilliant… but dont wait for the outside accolades … constantly applaud yourself!
  • Feel like a mosquito in a nudist colony – have a field day throughout your life!

Watch for more from me in Hollywood!

Cheers Diana

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