Diana Todd-Banks Goes to Hollywood!

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I originally wrote this on 9/26 and just now got the chance to share it with you!

Right now I am here in Hollywood for the National Academy of Best Selling Authors and Gala Award Ceremony. It is a three day event full of amazing experiences.

This week in Hollywood is so full on there’s hardly time to go to the loo. This morning was utterly amazing spending 2 1/2 hours with a Grammy and Emmy award winning producer talking to us about branding – celebrity branding – story telling – story selling and how to use this information to tell our own story the compelling Hollywood way that works.

Then this was followed by the producer of Pretty Woman, Gary Goldstein, who was astonishing and who talked to the ten of us in this very intimate room of the Roosevelt Hotel which hosted the first Oscar and Academy Awards in 1927. The hotel is full of history and movie nostalgia made real by the producers I’ve met!

All the time what went on it was being filmed and each of the ten will receive the entire movie of that. Full of powerful information. I intend to bring back it and use that to help others. After that was a VIP private tour of Warner Brothers Studio where we got to see the sets of many of the past and current movies and TV shows. The Property Department was astonishing fitted out with Tiffany Chandeliers now about 7 millions dollars each. We went into areas where most people don’t go.

Tonight at the opening cocktail party I met some superb inspiring people most of whom are in different books which the Agency has produced – The Celebrity Branding Agency. I am signed to them. I am a co-author in two of them.

Yes there were some movie and documentary producers at the gathering and I don’t know if this is real but time will tell. After talking with me and asking me questions, 3 producers have said they want to do a movie of my life, and one said to me I think you have a mini series here. One thing is certain they were captivated by some parts of my story. Yeh right! Well we will see! One thing I do know I will do documentary next next year. They will send a crew to do that!

Tomorrow is a full day 8-6pm and we have been told to expect the totally unexpected as is Friday for the Red Carpet Gala Award Ceremony where I will have a private session with the guy who has sold more non fiction books than anyone – Jack Canfield – he has sold over 500 million books. I will be receiving an award for being a co-author with him.

Oh also I had a special dress made by a local Gold Coast designer who told me she has never had a dress of hers on a red carpet in Hollywood …. now she will! Now I hope I do her justice.

Gotta crash!

  1. Beverley Daniel

    Hey Diana, 'CONGREGULATION" Its good to hear about your stay at Hollywood. You deserve to be there. I wanna wish you all the best for the Red Carpet Gala Award Ceremony. Enjoy!

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