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Many people are extremely passionate about not only their pets, but other pets too, which is why it’s hard to imagine how and why some people simply do not like pets at all. In fact they simply do not even like a pet being around them.

These scenarios can spell disaster for any pet! Which is why every pet owner needs to address this question.

What would happen to your companion animal, your special pet, if you suddenly passed away?

Perhaps, not realising the devastating effect their death could have on their beloved pet, many owners have never contemplated this serious question.

When a pet owner passes away, or the owner is unable to care for them any longer, pets do most definitely grieve, this is why it’s important to ensure your pet does not end up being looked after by a non pet lover, or worse still is simply forgotten about.

You can prevent that.


Acknowledging your pet in your will is paramount.

This needs to be a priority for every pet owner, however most owners neglect doing this, they make too many assumptions that others will think and act the way they do.

But they don’t!

Another important issue to consider is to allocate some funds for your pet’s care, certainly for the first year; funds that cannot be used for a person’s personal expenses.

Granted though, that is difficult to exercise.

In your will do include clear detailed instructions about the care of your beloved pet, so that unintentional suffering and distress can be easily avoided.

Including more information, rather than less, is a far safer approach to take.

Other than dogs, cats, little birds and little fish there are a myriad of other special creatures, which an owner may view as their precious pet.


Yet most don’t consider their pet’s future welfare.

The topic of ‘Different Pets’ is important and is no different than other pet owners’ responsibilities.

Every pet owner needs to include detailed instructions in their will relating to their precious pet’s needs, behaviours and habits.

It is even more important to do so with ‘Different Pets.’


Because others may be called upon to look after a ‘different pet’ yet have no idea how or what the needs of that pet are. In many cases that precious but different pet, may suffer a sad demise unless their current owner seeks to protect the pet’s future.


A Solution for Your Pet’s Future Welfare

When no family member or friend will or can have your beloved pet, you can indicate in your will that you wish for your pet to go into the care of an animal welfare agency which has a legacy program such as the AWL (Animal Welfare League) in Queensland, Australia.

It is important for every pet owner to investigate this subject and all the animal care agencies in their area, to determine which is the most reputable animal welfare organisation, should the need arise.

No doubt your pet will have some special needs, and certainly habits and all these need to be documented. Please do not assume others will know in detail and certainly not for their future life.

Your partner or spouse won’t nor will your pet carer.

So how do you start doing this?

The best and simplest and very inexpensive way is to get a little book called ‘Don’t Forget Me I’m Family Too,’ by Best Selling Author Diana Todd-Banks and an avid pet lover. In this are a myriad of questions you can address in relation to your pet. By recording these details and you will have some peace of mind.

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