Eat for Health – A Valuable Gift from Dr. Fuhrman

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A Warm Hello from Down Under!

Thank you so much for connecting with me, following my updates, and especially watching the latest episodes of my show. I hope you’re gaining insight and useful information from it all.

If you’ve been following my show, you’ll remember I interviewed Dr. Joel Fuhrman a little over a month ago covering super immunity, Nutritarians, and weight gain.

Dr. Fuhrman recently appeared on a segment of Dr. Oz and the feedback from his appearance has been tremendous! His book, Eat To Live, is now #1 on the NY Times Best Sellers list!

I wanted to let you know that Dr. Fuhrman recently began offering his GOLD STARTER PACK which includes another of his book’s, Eat For Health. He generously bundled it together with a 3 month Gold Membership to the website.

Normally, if you bought these two items from him separately, it would cost you $69.95. He’s now offering it for $39.99! Membership comes with many great benefits – including discounts on products, a health tracker, health forums, and more! This is a great deal and I’m sure you’ll find it extremely valuable and relevant.

You can take advantage of this great package now at:

To a healthy 2012!

I look forward to staying in touch and interacting with you at my website and across the web =)



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