Di Attends Hollywood Celebrity Branding Day

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Today at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood is Celebrity Branding Day

Often authors have a difficult time marketing and branding themselves because they’ve directed so much of their energy into book writing and writing for a particular audience- this is why the focus of today was going to be so powerful … an eye opener.

Within this haunted hotel it’s not uncommon for brief moments of history to waft around the halls and walkways, and as I passed the Academy Award Room, the Oscar Room and then walked into the Granada Room it wasn’t surprising to be confronted with a TV crew setting up for the Summit’s meeting for the Celebrity Branding Day. Full of lights, sound technicians and a massive movie screen on the front wall 20 of us were fortunate to be there; an intimate group of us sitting surrounded by late 1920’s Hollywood style furnishings.

The first half of today we are being lectured about Celebrity Branding and how to apply that to ourselves which meant adopt the true Hollywood position of story telling – genuine story telling written from the heart not the head. Written with passion sadness, inspiration and tragedy good stories trigger oxytocin in our bodies, the naturally occurring hormone which can be released even with a hug, a kiss or a good emotive story.

The authors present were part of the Summit because we did that but we told to never lose sight of that we must keep reminding ourselves to put passion in our real stories along with the good and not so good times.

Some of the main points we all took away from this powerpacked session were these:

We live in an Attention Age
Writers need to use passionate story selling for their success
Stories make information instantly relevant because they engulf involve us – the reader – if written well.
Writers need to get away from hard selling to heart selling

The next step was to understand the 5 Rules of Celebrity Expert Marketing

So many more key points were addressed and discussed but space does not allow for that.

Then toward the end of the session we were given this extraordinary exercise!

Have you ever written an Obituary for your Business?

That challenge was quietly thrown at us and challenge it was. I’ll spare you my answer.

The next post will be about my first time experience of watching Simon T Bailey an astonishing speaker and Kenni Thomas. Kenni was the real life hero of the true story on which the award winning movie Black Hawk Down, was based.

So watch for more from me in Hollywood!

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