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to get on track to achieve and begin Life again!”

Have you ever felt like a motor-car that doesn’t drive, ride, or operate smoothly?

When you know there’s nothing radically wrong with your car, yet it doesn’t feel right, what do you do?

You ask a specialist – a good mechanic. It’s their profession, their skill, their knowledge and experience that helps them determine what is causing your car to not function properly.

Your mechanic investigates several critical and important parts of the vehicle. They determine if anything is broken or worn out, if repairs or restoration work needs to be done, or if it just needs a comprehensive tune-up to bring it back to it’s original, efficient state.

But, do you take the same action when you feel as though you or something in your life doesn’t seem to be running smoothly? Can you tell? Do you know the signs?

To answer that question, you need to be really honest and critical with yourself.

You may lack energy and motivation, lost your spark, or can’t think clearly. You find yourself making silly decisions. Yet despite these feelings you believe there’s nothing radically wrong with your life.

Or is there?

If you feel something is not right, but you can’t pinpoint the issue, what can you do about it?

Barring any serious physical ailment or obvious health or emotional issue, who can you enlist to do some restoration work or perhaps an overall “tune-up?”

Just as the mechanic explores and looks at different parts of a car, or a medical professional performs different tests to determine a health problem, a Life Change Coach explores all the major areas of your life and finds those parts holding you back.

The seemingly simple questions that are asked by a Coach are powerful, often quickly eliciting significant solutions or answers to various issues.

In the Life Makeover Program, you and your Coach explore eight Areas of Your Life, each of which are focused on in-depth over a period of twelve sessions.

The Benefits of The Life Makeover Program are Profound

This program packs a powerful punch because it can propel you forward at a faster rate than you could ever achieve on your own.

As well, after you have completed this program and your foundation is more in balance, your life will move forward more easily, fluidly, and efficiently just like your car after a service and tune-up.

Some clients participate in this program every two years. The world is constantly changing, and our life changes and our goals change along with it. You need to adapt to and stay ahead of these changes.

It is hugely beneficial to start your program before the New Year. It can help you define your goals for 2012 and create a plan to achieve them.

In fact, this Life Makeover Program is the most valuable gift you could ever give yourself or another person.

This is an investment in you and your future!

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Main Life Areas Covered in Your Empowerment Program

This program looks at how you currently stand in all areas of your life. Each session begins by looking at what’s holding you back, your opportunities for growth, and how to think bigger in each of the areas. It’s important to understand Coaching is not a quick fix. You’ll be held accountable every week.

The empowering part of this program is it allows you to have a different perspective and outlook on your life and your goals. If you become challenged, stuck or overwhelmed, as the Coach, I will be using proven breakthrough skills to help you move beyond all that so repeat patterns won’t occur. These are the areas that

Prosperity & Money

Since we live in a physical world much of that is heavily influenced or governed by money. With less money you have less choices. Conversely with more money you have more choices and that frees up your energy to do more in your life. Money will always be a major part of your life so you will learn tools to master and love it.

What’s Holding You Back

Everyone has some form of fear and it is this that holds many people back. Fear keeps you stuck, it holds you back which is why this session is so important. Fear in many forms is reviewed. Your fears are identified and addressed so they no longer hold you back from achieving what you want.

Fun & Enjoyment

The title of this session sounds so simple to do. So why is it that many people ignore these areas? Here you learn the true benefits of why fun and enjoyment are so important in your life. You learn what you need to do to make fun and enjoyment happen all the time.

Spouse & Love Life

In this session you do an exercise to create your Ideal Love Life and get clear on how you would like it to be and look. Life is all about love.

Personal Growth

Growth can challenge us and force us out of our comfort zone. You may face some struggles, and your habits may hold you back, but you can emerge transformed ready to fly.

Raising Your Vibration

We all get ‘down’ in life, but it’s important to know how to get back up quickly. Here you learn some strategies to achieve this, in fact to raise your vibration on a consistent basis. It’s all about energy and how you feel. If your energy or vibration is raised, you become stronger and are able to achieve goals and desires.

Health & Vitality

Good health is the basis for everything you do in life. Without good health and vitality it’s hard to succeed. You will learn new strategies to honestly treat your body as your temple and to make these health and vitality goals an integral part of your daily life.

Boosting Self Esteem

No matter how successful you are, working on your Self Esteem, is an ongoing priority. This is why learning some good ‘tools’ for building Self Esteem is so valuable. When you feel good about yourself you feel more confident, stronger, energized and empowered to make better decisions, set higher goals and achieve them.

Business & Success

When you are more confident, stronger, energized and empowered your business life will produce great positive results helping you to achieve great goals. Which is why learning these particular goal setting strategies, will propel you forward at a far faster rate than you could on your own.

Friends & Family

Family, friends and relationship connections make life special. Here you will learn 10 Daily practices to strengthen and enhance your relationships, which in turn raises your energy and vibration even further.

Toleration & Making a Difference

In this session you look at how your tolerations could be holding you back. You appraise these evaluating them and why you’re putting up with them and what you can do to change them.

By putting your focus on others and looking at ways you can have some impact on their lives you can then you can then set goals around Making A Difference.

Conclusion: Once you have completed this Life Makeover Program you will feel more balanced, energized and ready to move forward. Many who complete this Life Makeover Program want 2 or 3 more coaching sessions to focus on one particular goal. If this applies to you, there are special benefits and bonuses.

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Specific Outcomes of Coaching with Di

  • Establishing a more balanced foundation through a variety of processes for all key life areas
  • Analyzing the goal options through mind storming and brain storming
  • Reviewing the major options and possibilities
  • Deciding on the new direction/goal
  • Succinctly defining the new direction/goal
  • Analyzing then reducing or removing current blocks, obstacles and tolerations holding you back
  • Establishing a plan and steps to achieve your new direction/goal
  • How to set priorities to achieve your new direction/goal

With your own Coach, you can achieve your goals much faster than on your own!

  • Understanding energy and how to use that effectively to manifest what you want
  • Being held accountable and kept on track to achieve the goals you set
  • Learning to be selfish and having a sounding board
  • Overcoming procrastination to stop drifting
  • Having support and guidance through the process of change of transition
  • Achieving more peace and balance in your life and work
  • Bringing back the fun in your relationships and life

About Your Life Change Coach, Diana Todd-Banks

As a Life Change Coach, Diana Todd-Banks provides invaluable experience, insight, and practical strategies for clients who want to start over, or who are in transition and looking for a new life direction following a job or financial loss, divorce, retirement, health setback, death, or relocation.

Diana is also a speaker and author of two books on end-of-life matters. Register now to receive a free eBook “15 Steps To Embrace Change”, and contact her today for your complimentary consultation with Diana.

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