Mature Preneurs Talk Podcast connects over 50 guests, who’ve created a new venture of some kind after 50, 60, 70 with an audience who are keen to do the same and learn more.  The guests are a dynamic group of inspirational people with extremely diverse activities and personal stories.

During the 18-22 minute interview, host & presenter Diana Todd-Banks shines the spotlight on this cavalcade of entrepreneurs who chat how they decided on their enterprise, why and how they did it, tips, and their venture now and their products.

In doing so they encourage and inspire the audience of all ages to spring into action to transform their life by first finding their passion, which helps them create a new future.

Mature Preneurs Guests demonstrate it’s never too late to start something new; or follow a long held dream. Taking that step can make the next chapter of life the best ever which the guests and the host very clearly demonstrate.


This Podcast is about

Sharing – Learning - Supporting - Inspiring = Action