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Has someone in your family just died? Are you planning for the death of a friend or family member, maybe your own… one day? Are you looking for a book that will help you with the practical aspects of packing up someone’s estate?

Whether death comes quickly or can be planned for, the process of wrapping up someone’s home after they have died is something for which most of us are unprepared.

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If someone in your life died today, could you locate all their important information and documents quickly?

If you became incapacitated or died suddenly would your loved one or estate planner know how to quickly find all the important information related to you? Would they know where your Power of Attorney, Will, or Living Trust is filed?

If you answer NO then you’re not alone!

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If you decided to learn more about success and achievement in your world where would YOU look for the answers?

The Celebrity Experts™ in this book offer us to look at a world that is new and unfamiliar economic territory for us all. Brian Tracy, for example, looks at changes that the business world and culture have experienced over the past hundred years, and based on his knowledge and wide experience, projects how people will need to think and perform in the future to achieve success.

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The world is constantly changing. Change is around us everywhere. A new world presents new challenges … and new opportunities for people of all ages.

Change is a basic survival mechanism. Youth and inexperience love change. As we get older – we develop a resistance to change – at times to our detriment.

Change Agents lead the way. They prefer to be the ones blazing trails and making changes.

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Searching for the “Success Secret” that will take you in the next level – both personally and professionally? Well, look no further than this book.

Inside these pages, you’ll find the inspiration and motivation to move forward – as well as the proven action steps that attract abundance and bring fulfilment. Have the spirit and skills to transform your life and help you create the wealth, health and happiness you’ve been waiting for.

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