Testimonials from Di’s Life Coaching Partnerships

“Diana, I got a lot out of your sessions at the Health & Wellness Expo including a few big Ah Ha moments on fears and why I didn’t think I was any good at making changes. (I ended up coming to your session on the Sunday as well as Saturday). I’ve taken some specific action steps since then and started to look at ways to move towards making changes. It has been interesting that I can now recognise the statements from family members that have played on those old childhood fears about change and the risk of the unknown that have held me back in the past. I’m now grateful for their concerns but not letting their fears stop me from moving towards making a major change but also using my fears to map out how to tackle the changes and manage the steps.

I’m investigating how to get there, doing research, mapping out a plan and each week, taking some step towards making a change in career and returning to study in a completely different field. Your visualisation activity even helped me see even further down the road and bring to the front of my awareness what I’d like to be doing. 83 – 47 is 36 years so I actually have plenty of years left (powerful Maths that was) – in fact, I’m only half way through my working life and have lots of time to change field, learn new things and peruse and completely different career.

Thanks once again and I will keep your contact details handy for the future. Kind regards.”


“Hi Diana,

Just wanted to let you know that the seminar was very helpful indeed. it was all we were talking about at work in the following week. Personally I have broken free of areas in which I was stuck. things that were on the ‘to do list’ are now on the done list. I believe that the topics on which you spoke and the warm and personable way in which you presented them would be of benefit to anyone who wanted to move forward in their life. Much thanks and many blessings.”


“Di really helped me to overcome my problems with anxiety which I have had problems with for a few years. She taught me the benefits of learning to take a deep breath and really BREATHE, and I will never forget that advice. Being a busy working Mum, it is also important for me to be able to juggle many things and Di also showed me how to not be so overwhelmed with my to-do lists which I have now incorporated into my daily life. Thank you Di.”


“Dearest Di,

Thank-you so much for caring enough to even think that i might be more than just a girl that does/could do more than to serve coffee, you have opened my eyes to a career that i never even knew existed! I sincerely appreciate your support, guidance and interest. You are incredible! Thank-you!”

Georgia Harvey

“I just want to thank you Di for your wonderful coaching. You are always punctual, inspiring, supportive and prepared. The ideas, direction and guidance that you have given me over the past few months has been very helpful and you have managed to keep me on track for all of the goals that I have set.

You devised some very creative solutions to solving several difficulties that enabled me to achieve a seemingly unattainable goal at the time. I have taken on board your guidance with regards to health and have now implemented new strategies for my family and I. Also, I have now moved through the fears that were holding me back and feel motivated to achieve even more in my life.

It was very clear that your years of experience in the business world are a real asset to your coaching clients. It certainly was for me. I look forward to continuing working with you.”

Michelle S. – Sydney

“In my coaching sessions Di worked with me to set goals to achieve my book writing project. It was quite clear Di knew the subject well, as she’d been a food writer for many years. She knew how to objectively chunk the writing project down into smaller realistic achievable goals. As well, she helped identify potential challenges and find solutions to move forward.

As a result, what initially seemed overwhelming became easy. I was focused, had much less stress, was productive, and creative.

Having a coach with Di’s experience removed any opportunity for procrastination. I highly recommend this process to achieve dreams and move forward in life.”

Tracey Carmichael -Sunshine Coast, Australia
Happy Mind Formula

“Di coached me during a very turbulent time in my life. Not only did Di shine a light for me to follow, she showed compassion, encouragement and respect for my situation, while I was juggling some difficult issues, including a major de-clutter.

Since Di has moved over 45 times she certainly knows what de-cluttering and moving is all about.

With her understanding and goal setting skills, she enabled me to see clearly, and literally, – a way through the mess! I felt supported throughout the process and I’m truly grateful Di, thank you.”

Therese Schena – Victoria Australia

Firstly Di thank you so much!

“I have enjoyed and appreciated my Life Coaching Sessions with you. Prior to these sessions, my life had stagnated with no clarity. I felt flat, overwhelmed and obviously confused to a pathway forward. My experience with Di was and still is definitely thought provoking and stimulating giving me more specific focus. Obvious light bulb moments gave me greater appreciation of my life and a future with all things possible. I am now motivated to set goals and I’m working toward them. I feel empowered possessing the ability to look at all situations positively and grow.

You have motivated me to make a changes and difference in my Life! Thank you Di.”

Karen Tansey – Queensland Australia

“Di, You’ve done it again ! It seems that you read my mind and needs in life at times when they are most needed. Your edition re personal loss followed the loss of my wife to cancer and it played a big part in my recovery. Then, how to deal with possessions and dispersal of marital items etc also was timely. Well that was two years ago and here I am with some struggles and ‘lo and behold’ here is your website with more than relevant information. Many Thanks again and heartiest congratulations. I now manage a Radio Station in Sydney and hope for your permission to publicize the books and website across a major part of Sydney as a free community investment. Your ‘follower’.”

Trevor Davis

“Diana is an incisive presenter and writer. Her book “Wrapping It Up” is a God-send guide for people during one of life’s most difficult times, when a loved one has passed on. She’s a gem!”

Mike Faber
Elite Results Coach, Anthony Robbins Companies