Why Choose Diana as Your Life Change Coach?

“As a Life Change Coach, Di Todd-Banks works with clients who want to start over, achieve a goal, or seek a new life direction.”


I’m Diana Todd-Banks. There’s no doubt life is one of constant change, transition, reinvention and new directions. It was for me, which is why I’ve combined my 40+ years of work and life experiences with Life Change skills to help others.

Reaching for a goal that at first seems impossible, even with unexpected setbacks, can be accomplished. I’ve proven that and have achieved some remarkable, seemingly impossible goals in my lifetime.

There was a time in my life where I was living on $1 a day, recently separated from my husband and living in a foreign country, and I needed some goals to keep me motivated. That goal was to gain a classic guitar degree and own a magnificent Excalibur motorcar – one day. Both seemed ludicrous goals at the time, but I achieved one early on and the second many years later.


After years in international business, I had a massive health setback. Being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, not being able to walk or speak for 6 months, and living on my own, was terrifying. But I had a goal. I vowed if I ever recovered, I would help others… this is why I’m a Coach, Author and Speaker.

There’s nothing more gratifying and satisfying than helping a person achieve their dreams and goals and moving from where they are now to where they want to be.

And there’s nothing more motivating and compelling to start over and begin anew then setting a new goal for yourself and seeing it blossom before you, knowing you made it happen.

How I Work with You

I guide and motivate you to handle periods of transition, life challenges, or to pursue the goal or change you want to achieve. I’ve had the hard knocks and the high points of life. I not only understand the emotions associated with transition, change, and new life directions, but I’ve experienced those myself.

These key elements distinguishes me from those who are trained to fulfill a coaching role, but have yet to enjoy the extensive and broad personal and professional life experience I’ve had.

In my practice I combine proven coaching principles with the Universal Laws. In doing so, this enables your coaching experience to be more profound and successful.

In a nutshell Diana has:

  • 40 years in business
  • Lived in the US for 20 years
  • Had businesses in the United States
  • Married more than once
  • Move over 45 times
  • Packed up after 5 deaths
  • Overcome her inability to walk or talk for 6 months
  • Authored several books on life matters
  • Accredited PR & Event practitioner
  • International marketing consultant
  • US company director and owner
  • Classic guitarist
  • Lifestyle journalist
  • Public speaker
  • Dressmaker
  • Tobacco picker

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Life is not a dress rehearsal. It is about chapters and change and moving forward.

If you’re serious about making a change in your life, enhancing or improving your life then speak with me today.

You can attain your dreams and you can make them a reality by partnering with me as your Life Change Coach!

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