Do you have a voice deep down that says...

I’d love to do something new

I desperately want to change my life

I want to write a book

I want to start a new career

I want an income again

I want to live life and have fun again

I desperately want to change & start over


Do you feel you have a big ball and chain around your feet that holds you back from moving forward?

At the Women’s Virtual Success Summit, Di talks about the hidden issues that hold you back, and provides solutions and easy steps how to deal with them and move forward.

International Award Winning Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur and Life Change Coach, Diana Todd-Banks has dedicated many years helping people to reinvent in their life. Soon via Podcasts, Di will provide inspiration to those who seek to create an income producing niche business while showcasing those who have already succeeded in doing so. 

With 48+ years business experience Di has had 19 different careers, for 8 different companies in 3 difference countries, plus 5 deaths all of which created over 55 physical moves. She understands change and how to move forward.

As an entrepreneur, Di has regularly appeared on TV/Radio in Australia & the US. She was US food & wine importer, Director of an Int’l Chamber Commerce Los Angeles & classical guitarist. But before that, she was a lost until the words of a popular song resonated with her soul and her gut. At that moment, she decided to take a step into the unknown - a decision that changed her life dramatically.

Now she dedicates herself to helping you take those same brave steps!

Today Di lives on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia.

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How to Identify What's Holding You Back From Moving Forward

This ebook formed the basis of Di’s presentation at the Women's Virtual Success Summit. Take time to go through the exercises and above all as you work through the book, be very honest with yourself.

Work through these steps, then book a chat with Di to help you get going.

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a Complimentary Phone Session with Di

Whether we welcome it or not, create it or not, change will occur. The world is constantly evolving. We need to evolve with it. An experienced and mature Life Change Coach can help you handle the hurdles. Go after and achieve your goals far faster than you can on your own. Di offers a compassionate and clear strategy.

Having your own experienced Coach & Mentor is not indulgent! It’s a must in today’s world! Talk with Di. Ask her to help you!