Packing Up Is a Unique Grieving Ceremony

Chapter 14 from Closing the Final Chapter

People who undertake the packing up process view it in a variety of ways ranging from one of admiration and special reverence, to total disrespect.

While some of this has been discussed in previous chapters, callous phrases such as ‘get in, toss everything out’ or ‘get it over with then get out’ cannot have a place in what can be a special and important acknowledgement, even a sacred one, of the deceased person and their life.

Fortunately, however, most people realise the significance of the event and the role they play in it. The process can in fact, become a unique and personal Grieving Ceremony.

“I felt the packing up process was a privilege and a chance to give love and respect to my Father. To me, it felt like I was keeping him company walking with him on the first part of the next part of his journey. That was very special.”

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