An Editor’s Revelations About Losing a Loved One

This post is from a colleague who helped with an early edit of my book, ‘Wrapping It Up’ (now Closing the Final Chapter>) as his thoughts are a worthy insight into how media view one aspect of death, not gross death like a murder death by natural causes. It’s a good read. Here are his views: Jim Stevens, is a Documentary Editor and Producer.

When Diana approached me to edit her book ‘Wrapping It Up – The Ultimate Guide’, I had very little idea just how the task would fundamentally change the way I viewed the world.

At the time, I had no idea of what was involved in sorting out a person’s possessions after they had passed away, or in fact, how to go about that task. Consequently, working on the book, and write pouring over every word, tip and story was a revelation. It was easy to understand why it took Diana several years to research and write.

What made my job even more satisfying was the fact that the book was original, a first time definitive guide to the subject. However, once published, what now?

Having scaled the mountain, endured the burden of research, writing and publishing, Diana is faced with an equally huge ongoing challenge of how to realise her book’s true sales potential because her audience is genuinely the entire English speaking world.

Lets face it, everyone will die sometime and aside from legal areas someone has to pick the pieces and most don’t know how to do that. Diana’s book resolves that.

Unless you have a degree of fame and therefore established in the public’s eye, breaking through the marketing barrier can be expensive and daunting. Diana was a gem to work with funny, and creative and while she’s had some achievements in past years this time she’s taken on a tough task, but worthy and definitely achievable.

Despite having a profound and unique product that can help people, it comes as a shock when seemingly obvious publicity machines like commercial TV morning shows and women’s magazines reject you because the subject is deemed too morbid … despite the fact that news and current affairs programs constantly air segments on gross acts of cruelty to humans and animals.

‘Wrapping It Up -The Ultimate Guide’ is anything but morbid, it’s rich in detail, humour and drama, yet younger, bullet-proof media executives, who are yet to face the inevitable, have no connection with the subject.

So how does a new writer like Diana scale the next peak and the peak after that in order to bring to the world her indispensible guide? This dilemma is universal, part of a journey that begins with implementing an idea and only really finishes after all avenues of distribution and marketing are exhausted. But this will never finish because life goes and life passes on.

For Diana, the road ahead is unchartered, and it will only be through her own constant efforts that she will come across people who believe in her work and who in turn will open doors.

‘Wrapping It Up – The Ultimate Guide’ (now Closing the Final Chapter) belongs on every home’s bookshelf ready to go into action when needed and you don’t need to be ‘old’ to need it. So, how will she do it and make it all happen? In time no doubt, we’ll hear about her progress. Jim.