Closing The Final Chapter

Closing the Final Chapter

How to Sort, Pack and Cherish End of Life Matters

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Has someone in your family just died?

Are you planning for the death of a friend or family member, maybe your own… one day?

Are you looking for a book that will help you with the practical aspects of packing up someone’s estate?

Closing the Final Chapter is a much-needed book, and is particularly useful for a parent when their sons and daughters don’t want to talk about the issue of their parents passing. I have read your book ‘Closing the Final Chapter’ it’s great. I’ve marked it with my thoughts for my son, completed the checklists and given it all to my lawyer. Well done.”

The book nobody wants… but everyone needs!

It is a form of ‘first aid’ for the future.

Packing up the home and possessions of a loved one

Whether death comes quickly or can be planned for, the process of packing up someone’s home after they have died is something for which most of us are unprepared.

All of the person’s legal and financial affairs may be in order, such as trusts, taxes, powers of attorney, last wills and testaments, but what about their day to day affairs, their possessions, personal affects, their pets, their clothing, their photo albums and their other precious memorabilia?

Until now no substantial help or information has been available on how to go about handling all these areas.

“Congratulations on taking on such a task, you have created and provided something very helpful for people who need to do one of the most difficult tasks in life. I’ve bought 5 copies and given one to each family member and kept one for myself.”

Grief & clear logical thinking

Dealing with someone’s death tends to be a personal process that we work through in private.

The emotions of grief and loss are so raw and engulfing, powerful and consuming, they can block one’s ability to think clearly and logically. People on the outside are unwilling to interrupt the mourning process for fear of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Yet this is precisely the time when you need someone – or something – that can guide you through the practical aspects of wrapping up or packing up someone’s home and possessions.

“The unique value of ‘Closing the Final Chapter’ is that it provides in a calm way, clarity and direction for others who are bound up with so much emotion they can’t act effectively or logically. It’s a reality check for every adult, helpful now or for the future.” Public Speaker, Mike F, U.S.A.

As the Baby Boomers steadily approach their final years, it is inevitable that many are going to be left with the task of ‘packing up’ their homes and their lives.

Every home needs a copy of Closing the Final Chapter

This can be your friend.  Providing you with practical advice and guidance as you either work through the process of sorting out someone’s estate after they died – or planning in advance for sorting out someone’s personal effects once they pass are issues that are covered.

It’s there like a friend throughout the process, one you can turn to when you need it, and one that will help you deal with this difficult process.

“Having read ‘Closing the Final Chapter’ I now wish to give copies to my family and would like to several more copies. It is an excellent and much needed book and explains so beautifully, everything that I have been trying to explain to my family during my packing up experience with 4 generations of possessions to sort.” Joan, Victoria, Australia

Author Diana Todd-Banks, deals with the practical questions you need to address for your own affairs, as well as those you will be faced with after someone close has died.

Answers to Questions Including:

  • What to do after a person has died and been moved from their home.
  • What needs to be achieved within the first 2 or 3 days?
  • What must be done before starting to wrap up?
  • Tips for and from Men
  • Grief, Stress & Nutrition needs during this difficult and emotional time.
  • Are there safety issues that must be heeded?
  • How to prevent grief and stress affecting ones thinking & decision-making?
  • What is the best way to sort, pack and distribute items?
  • How can difficult relatives best be handled?
  • How to handle unexpected surprises?
  • Pets are family too – what must you do for their future care and safety?
  • Computers, pin numbers and passwords – addresses issues that could prevent costly surprises.
  • What are the most common pitfalls or mistakes people make packing up?
  • What you can do for your own affairs

Closing the Final Chapter answers all these questions and includes over 200 anecdotes from others who provide real life tips and suggestions. As well this ground-breaking book is full of practical information and helpful checklists to personalize.

“Rarely, does a book arrive on the shelves that actually breaks new ground. ‘Closing the Final Chapter’ is a gem and Diana Todd-Banks has taken a taboo subject and delivered a precious and very useful gem. Succinct and practical, ‘Closing the Final Chapter’ is a resource every family will need. It would have taken extraordinary strength to research this emotional and difficult subject and the author has come up with a winner. Life, taxes and death, find out how to deal with what is left behind. ‘Closing the Final Chapter’ is a five star publication! Well done!” Jim S.

Benefits & Solutions

This definitive guidebook, provides the reader and ‘packer’ with immeasurable benefits shared by those who have already experienced this task. Their wisdom, anecdotes and advice will save you unnecessary expense, anguish, time, stress and regrets later.

While this highly informative book provides you with an insight into an emotional subject and complex task, it helps you to view and understand the packing up role is a unique and special experience, one that can be cherished for years to come!


Provides practical information on a subject that until now has not been addressed. As well it alerts the readers to potential pitfalls and how to deal with them.


Reading Closing The Final Chapter before you need to use it, will help to remove or reduce this powerful emotion, but also remove the veil of mystery surrounding this task.


Practical step-by-step suggestions & checklists will save you time and importantly provide you with a specific and detailed action plan regardless of the size of the task.


When confronted with this task for the first time, most people don’t know what to do, or what’s right or wrong to do. As such this book provides insights and answers to some of the inevitable difficult questions and situations that will always arise.


The wisdom, anecdotes and advice will help you to protect assets and prevent valuable items from being tossed out unnecessarily and carelessly… and also from making unwise decisions.


Your new knowledge will help you to identify what to look out for to prevent waste, and to protect assets which could possibly be part of yours or another’s inheritance.


By understanding how to approach the packing up role will help to reduce stress, anguish, time and waste.

Closing the Final Chapter is a roadmap … a guide.

This subject can no longer be invisible!

Here’s why:

  • Soon more than a 35-40% of the western population will be over the age of 50
  • Ever increasing numbers of people are living alone, and
  • Unexpected illnesses and accidents cut lives tragically short
  • If you travel extensively be proactive about these important issues raised

EVERY ADULT needs to be informed about the subject of packing up, winding up or wrapping up because it’s almost a certain we all will wrap up for another, at some point.

This is also why every home needs a copy of
Closing the Final Chapter: How to Sort, Pack and Cherish End of Life Matters
We need to be prepared!

Diana’s Story

This remarkable guidebook began as a result of a personal experience of the author. Diana’s mother was found alone at home, days after her sudden unexpected death. This traumatic experience was compounded by the need to confront and deal with a household full of possessions collected over decades. It is a difficult task for everyone but it must be done … someone has to do it!

Despite extensive searching, no helpful resources could be found to guide her. Having been a writer and a businesswoman, it was then she decided to write a definitive how-to book so others would not feel so overwhelmed. After creating a research website, resulting in more than 40,000 answers Diana then published her findings. But of those early research days she says:

“As the answers came in I was overwhelmed by other people’s stories. Many were deeply emotional accounts of tragic, sometimes times funny, even surprising or beautiful accounts of their experiences. I thought, “how can I possibly do justice to these gut wrenching and heart-warming stories?”

A Note from the Author

Have you ever thought about how a person begins to write a book? I hadn’t! Do you just sit at the computer and say to yourself: “today I am going to begin writing a book.”

Every writer has a different approach, but for me it soon became apparent that researching and writing a first book, let alone one on such a deep subject, would be like embarking on a very long journey, you know where you want to go, but the way to get there may seem hazy, or at times even unknown. Somehow though, you summon the faith and allow the journey to unfold while being open to whatever happens along the way.

That’s also an interesting approach to adopt in life.

Creating and writing this book, Closing the Final Chapter: How to Sort, Pack and Cherish End of Life Matters was at times very difficult. But I kept focused on the goal I set out to achieve which was to create a pathway … a guidebook to help others with the task of packing it up.

It is my hope after reading it, you will find the suggestions, very practical, helpful and informative but also an enjoyable read, as others have found.

Please read it before you need it!

Author’s Epilogue:

“As you proceed with the process of packing it up for another,
you may find you are uncovering the life of a quiet achiever,
a person who was a legend in their time.

Honour and celebrate that person’s life
regardless of his or her history, and remember …
that someone, someday,
will be packing up for you.”

Money Back Gaurantee!

After you’ve read it and take action with the information, you can be confident that your new knowledge will make life easier for those who wrap up for you … one day.

This product comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Read the book from end to end, and if the strategies don’t work for you within 12 months, we’ll cheerfully refund your money, and you can keep the product too.

The Estate Organizer

If someone in your life died today, could you locate all their important information and documents quickly? Or, if you passed could another person find yours? The solution? The Estate Organizer Guide to Recording Your Life Matters, the perfect companion piece to Closing the Final Chapter.

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More Kind Words from Others

“I heard you on the radio and your suggestion of how to sort an entire household full of possessions using specific sorting categories was very helpful, but of the most help, was your suggestion of having an ‘undecided’ sorting category in fact all the information was so very helpful. It saved me a lot of stress and time. Thank you so much Diana.”

“As with grievance handling and other support services, there is a ‘screaming need’ for a guidebook such as ‘Closing the Final Chapter’. Congratulations on your initiative, you will be making a mark from which many will benefit in the future. “

“Diana your book ‘Closing the Final Chapter’ is really practical and informative and really easy to read. I was so frightened about it all before I read your book now it’s removed my fear of the task … and I know I can do it. I now understand the phrase “my own personal grieving ceremony,” because that’s what wrapping up can be.”

“I’m delighted to have heard your radio interview you were so realistic and real about an issue we all need to face, so next day I went out and bought your book. Write more please!”

“Having a guide book and check list to follow has given me the knowledge needed to undertake this complex task, as well I know what I need to do with my own affairs and possessions.”

“Oh Diana, your chapter on ‘Pets Are Family Too’, broke my heart, but all pet owners need to read this and take action so this tragic story doesn’t happen to their special mate, their pet.”

“Congratulations on taking on such a task, you have created and provided something very helpful for people who need to do one of the most difficult tasks in life. I’ve bought 5 copies and given one to each family member and kept one for myself.”