Estate Organizer Guide to Recording Your Life Matters

Estate Organizer Guide to Recording Your Life Matters

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It affects all of us…

  • Are you ready for it?
  • Is your life organized for it?
  • Is your estate organized?
  • Is your will written and current?
  • Have you thought about your family’s future?
  • Does your family know where your important documents are?

The reality of life is one day death will come knocking at your door. It could be a family member, a friend, a neighbor or someone you hardly know, who died. And it will happen to all of us sometime!

If someone in your life died today, could you locate all their important information and documents quickly?

If you became incapacitated or died suddenly would your loved one or estate planner know how to quickly find all the important information related to you? Would they know where your Power of Attorney, Will, or Living Trust is filed?

If you answer NO then you’re not alone!

Unexpected accidents, terminal diseases, and sudden deaths occur to people of all ages, we read about these daily. Yet in the western world, of all adult deaths in the last three years, over 50% did not have a Will. This causes severe stress, anxiety, and expense to loved ones. You must start the planning of your estate now.

Do You Know What To Do?

Do you know what needs to be done, what needs to be found and found fast?

Whether or not you’ve experienced grief before, are you prepared?

Why was the Estate Organizer produced?

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It was produced because I know you need this information. How do I know that? I know from the thousands of answers I received to my extensive online survey. Respondents addressed the difficulties they experienced when packing up the possessions of a loved one or friend after they died. Their stories and comments helped make this organizer happen.

The first major difficulty people had was finding all the important documents about their loved one, let alone the rest of their life. Strewn all over the place, most important documents took days sometimes weeks to find.

Most people don’t want to face what they fear most.

When a person dies, powerful emotions occur like fear, anguish, regrets, and stress, let alone profound grief. These emotions cloud a persons thinking which is why careless mistakes are made, valuable time is wasted and so is hard-earned money. Even the most organized people ARE affected.

Of course you want to ease family suffering and save unnecessary expense when your time comes or your loved ones time comes.

“It was interesting how grief affected me. One day I was looking through a drawer for my husband’s papers which I didn’t find, then a few weeks later I looked through the same drawer, and the things would mysteriously be there at the back.”
Doris Jackman, NZ

Find Out What You Can Do To Prevent Unnecessary…

Suffering… Expense… Stress… and Wasted Time

  • Discover all the legal documents you need to find quickly so you don’t tear your hair out.
  • Learn how (regardless of your age) you can save your hard earned money by recording all yours or your loved ones details well before they’re needed.
  • Learn just how much information is needed to get yours or your loved ones documents in order and filed in one place.
  • Find out how to prevent haunting regrets by teaching your loved ones what they need to know and act on now.
  • Learn how to avoid all that and be prepared. You can start now.
  • Have you just lost a loved one or friend?
  • Do you know someone who has just lost a loved one?
  • Does the Estate Organizer – The Ultimate Guide cover coping skills for dealing with grief so people can focus on estate matters?
  • Do you know why a person’s vital documents must be found quickly after they pass away?
  • What services will people save time and money on?
  • Why is this book so important for young parents, single people or those travelling or living overseas?
  • How will this book help a loved one or friend?

Estate Organizer Guide To Recording Your Life Matters


This is a comprehensive, easy to use organizer that covers a myriad of questions that relate to a persons life and is suitable for use in most English speaking countries. This is where you can record everything about your life, from your important information to other areas that people may not know about, but which are really significant to you and in fact which may have some value. You can also add all those important documents that need to be filed together, but rarely are, then they won’t go astray.

Divided into 11 different sections, each section will help you find the important information that must be recorded, – there’s space for that. Some information you may have forgotten, that’s why this organizer is so detailed and comprehensive.

Table of Contents

  • Section 1: Family Records
  • Section 2: Pets Are Family Too
  • Section 3: Awards and Special Recognitions and Collector Items
  • Section 4: Final Requests and The Ultimate Celebration
  • Section 5: Hints for Carers on Special Needs
  • Section 6: How To Find The Keys To Unlock a Life
  • Section 7: Financial Life
  • Section 8: Other Contacts
  • Section 9: A Helpful Form Letter
  • Section 10: Glossary

“My wife handled all our important papers so I had no idea where she filed them. After she died, I couldn’t think clearly and I’m certainly not an organiser. I just didn’t know where to begin to find all the important papers, if only they had been in one place that would have saved me a lot of stress.”
George Franklin, UK

“My adult son and daughter flatly refuse to face the subject of my death one day. Having such a comprehensive book in which I can record everything that relates to me and my life will help me to take control of my future. I don’t have to discuss the issues with them at all. It (title of book) has given me great peace of mind.”
Ann Masters, AUS

Why is this so important?
Because it’s life!


Yes it is a tough issue!

  • Many people do ignore the subject – then realize they wish they hadn’t
  • Many people don’t want to be informed – then realize they wish they had
  • Many people feel it’s too awful to discuss – then realize they should have
  • Many people are so unprepared – they burden their family with more stress and expense

You can be prepared!

It happens every day and will happen to everyone. Be prepared! Start planning your estate today.

Learn what you need to do by working through this Estate Organizer Guide to Recording Your Life Matters for you or a loved one or friend. You’ll be glad you did.

It’s your first aid for your future!

Money Back Gaurantee!

This product comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Read the eWorkbook from end to end, and if the strategies don’t work for you within 12 months, we’ll cheerfully refund your money, and you can keep the product too.

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