Looking After a Loved One’s Letters


As the Baby Boomers steadily approach their final years, it is inevitable that many are going to be left with the task of ‘wrapping up’ their homes and their lives. One woman who has ‘wrapped up’ five times in the past five years discovered there was no help available for first time ‘wrappers’ and decided to do something about it.
When Diana Todd-Banks’ mother died a few years ago and Diana was left to clean up her home, she found; 31 pairs of spectacles, 35 pairs of leather gloves all in pristine condition, 29 identical cream blouses and 51 pairs of expensive Feragamo shoes.

“Before she died, she was always telling us how she had nothing to wear,” said Diana.

“I also found a pile of love letters which my father had written to her when they were courting.”

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