Pets Are Family Too – Unintentional Pet Cruelty

What would happen to your special pet, if you suddenly died?

Pets are family too!

Perhaps not realizing the devastating effect this can have, many pet owners have never contemplated this question.

Have you thought about that? And, have you ever considered this?

If you did die unexpectedly, how would your beloved pet be cared for and who would care for them?

These important issues are ignored all the time and sadly it’s tragic stories like this true case of a 15-year-old pampered Persian cat that gets peoples attention.

The Case of the Pampered Cat

“As a pampered indoor cat, this beautiful Persian, was living a life of absolute luxury, until the day her owner passed away.

Unfortunately, the owner left no mention of her special mate in her will, and the people who moved in to finalize the estate, locked the poor old prized Persian outside and the world forgot about her.

Unable to cope with her new surroundings the Persian cat’s health quickly deteriorated from neglect and starvation. It wasn’t until many weeks later that neighbors alerted an animal welfare organization to the cat’s plight, when she was rescued, rehabilitated and 6 months later re-homed.”

No true pet lover would wish this fate upon their pet.

Why Pets Are Family Members Too

Today pets are pampered possibly more than at any time in history and the pet industry has made sure of that but owners have too.

Now pet lovers spend a lot of money on their special mate, this is obvious by the massive growth of the pet industry that pampers pets.

Marketing pet accessories, medicine, food, special bedding, dog houses, even pet toilets and pet toys, schooling and of course grooming all make the life of most pet’s easier and more luxurious.

How often do you hear the comment, ‘when I die I’d like to come back as your pet.’

Yes, people treat their pets as one of the family, and whether a pet lives inside the home or not, when they die we suffer and severely, in fact their death can haunt us for years.

Anyone who has said goodbye to their special pet, knows how traumatic that loss can be. I certainly know that pain.

Now Reverse the Story

What if you died suddenly, who will look after your beloved pet, what will happen to your special mate, and if you live alone just consider the impact your death would have on your pet mate – it could be extremely traumatic … for several reasons.

Shocking stories about animal neglect and cruelty often appear in the media now, and it’s increasing, which is why pet owners simply cannot be complacent about documenting the future care needs of their pet.

Yet pet owners are complacent about this issue. But there’s another issue that is also often ignored.

Pets and Grief

It’s not uncommon for people to think pets don’t have feelings. Well they do, they have strong feelings just look at the special bond they develop over time and if they’re hurt you can see how they’re feeling. As well they grieve.

Yes pets do grieve, how often do you hear a story of a dog losing its mate be it a person or another dog (dog in this case). My pooch just sat at the front gate all day gazing hoping his sister would return. He wasn’t interested in food, or walks he wouldn’t go on those. In fact he was so quiet I hardly new he was in a room and when he went to sleep, he slept in strange places in my home. It broke my heart to see him like that because he was such a lively pooch.

Oh yes, pets do grieve!

Pet Cruelty & Neglect –  by a Friend even Family Member

Everyone who owns a pet must be aware that in the event of your passing, others will NOT treat their pets the way they do no matter how well they may know your pet. Some owners may think a family member will know what to do, or they may feel a part time ‘pet carer’ will know what to do. Other people will simply not be aware of the year round care you provide your special family member.

Don’t assume they will!

There are cruel callous people around, while others simply don’t like pets … or can’t be bothered with pets … let alone spoil them. Surprisingly sometimes these heartless people can be a neighbour or even a family member. Any person who loves their pet, needs to be sure they do not end up with such people.

So What’s the Solution?

So what can you do to prevent that from happening?

Recording all your pet’s care information is important, not just on a piece of paper then given to someone else but more formerly recorded.

So what is the best way to do that?

There are two books that will help you.

The first is Closing the Final Chapter and the second is The Estate Organizer.

I wrote both these publications because they were needed.

The first book I began researching in 1998 and it addresses packing up a home and all the surrounding issues before an impending death or after, in the case of a person. Many people have congratulated me saying this is the first book to really highlight this very difficult subject.

The second book, does not replace any legal documents but it does help people record all their important information in one place and it is intended for every adult regardless of age. I wrote it for one main reason.

In response to an online survey I created as a precursor to ‘Wrapping It Up’, respondents indicated finding important documents and information about another person was one of the most difficult and distressing tasks they had to do, and do quickly, after a person had died.

Tragically this is also the time when pets can be neglected and overlooked.

So the subject of a pet’s future care is important to document and the ‘The Estate Organiser’ provides that opportunity. In it there are countless questions that will help an owner realise that to not record their pet’s future care information would be morally irresponsible.

By recording the information at least the future care of your pet is more secure hopefully preventing unnecessary suffering and abuse that the pampered Persian experienced.