Di’s Recommended Reading List

There are many well written books available in the marketplace, sometimes on the same subject but by different authors, which makes it’s very difficult to decide which is the right book for you. Not only that, you simply may not have the time to spend countless hours looking through different books before you decide what to buy.

This is why Recommended Reading has been included on Wrapping it Up.

Written by numerous authors, the e-Books are selected because of several factors: first and foremost we purchased them to determine if they were suitable for a specific subject area; second, they needed to be well written, well presented and factual without jargon and verbosity.

All books presented are e-Books.

Have you ever been lost for words? I know I have, which is why I bought this book.

Yes we’ve all experienced it, that time when we’re totally lost because when we can’t find the right words to say, or can’t find the right poem or reading for a funeral notice, a eulogy, a condolence letter or bereavement card.

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One of the greatest fears today, for the over 55’s is not cancer, but Alzheimer’s.

Are you one of the growing number of people who forget where you put the keys, forget why you came into a room, forget why you went to the cupboard, instantly forget names when you’re introduced, or maybe you just don’t feel as mentally alert as you once were.

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Have You Been Thinking About Taking Care of Your Parents?

One of the difficulties of today’s rapidly aging population is the pressure it is putting on health services, on nursing homes, and other special care facilities in all our communities.

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Grief is a part of life experience, it’s a painful part, it’s frightening, confusing and hard to overcome and because of that a lot of work has gone into creating strategies and techniques, to ensure grief does not consume your life forever.

There are countless books on grief, in fact there are so many it’s hard to make a choice.

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It’s very difficult for anyone to handle grief, let alone children. But equally most adults find it extremely difficult to discuss this subject with a child.

Today, more children are experiencing grief in fact, most certainly have by the age of 15. But for young children the experience of grief and their emotions can frighten them often having a negative impact for a long time.

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In the later years there are two issues in life that vitally important to be aware of and to maintain.

Independence and good health are paramount, but all to often we hear about people falling, and falling in such a way that their life is physically impaired, possibly forever and that can impact on one’s wellbeing and confidence.

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Pets, we love them dearly, we spoil them, and treat them as family, but that furry friend could develop a major problem, and if unchecked it could die.

Regardless of age, over 30% of dogs will suffer from some form of separation anxiety in their life, and it can happen without warning. One such area often ignored, is when a dogs owner passes away.

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