Yes You Can – Profound Advice for Over 50s

It’s time to banish the words, phrases: “I wish I could … no you can’t”.

We all have self-talk – internal chatter, that’s consistently negative with the dominant word being no, which controls you, rather than the supremely powerful affirmation and dominant positive phrase of Yes You Can’ guiding and supporting you.

As a life coach specializing in the over 50’s I know professionally and personally how vitally important it is to manage your internal chatter and turn it around to become your inner cheerleader. I certainly had to.

We all arrive at the 50-mark often regretting some of our past and our losses too, along with being fearful about our future life as we progress beyond 50.

This is a time of your life for a new beginning a new future one that you want!

If you can think a thought – you can make it happen, whether positive or negative.

Yes You Can is such a positive phrase you want to embed it in your subconscious mind.

Any time NO you can’t, or I couldn’t comes into your mind, you are rejecting your future – you need to override that so Yes You Can immediately pops into the forefront of your mind.

While that may take a little time to achieve a life coach can help you fast track that process, and there are some wonderful ways to do that and some are a lot of fun.

You are in this physical world once go for what you want to do – say to yourself Yes You Can then say your name.

The word ‘YES’ has magic within it – it’s empowering – stretch yourself Yes You Can do it. Clearly though, you don’t want to be saying yes you can to tasks, things, actions that are inappropriate for you or where you instantly have negative feelings.

Age is no reason to say no to the ‘things’ that make you feel good, and that feel right for you where you want to move toward.

For reality, as a Life Coach I work with many over 60’s & 70s plus who want to create a new venture age is not an issue just as the word NO isn’t an option for them, Yes You Can, yes I can, are the words they go by.

The highest percentage of new ventures, or new business start-ups in Western Society is greater in the over 50’s than under 50.

There is no perfect time for you to start to create your new future – make that time – honour yourself by saying Yes You Can!

No problem can be solved at the same level of awareness at which it was created. This means to make changes in your life you need to change your thinking and to get you going, the first step is for your inner voice to say,Yes You Can, … you can do it.

The next step is to honour yourself, your life and your future and the best way to get that going is to find a life coach with whom you’re comfortable and understands where you are in your life, but who will help you stretch so you can create a new life chapter.

It’s an exciting time of life and even if you’re in your 60’s, 70’s or beyond. Go for it wholeheartedly with Yes You Can. One positive way to begin, is to say yes to having a coach work with you to get you going.

You can contact Diana Todd-Banks to have a chat to get some clarity of what you would like to do.

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