Hello, I'm Diana Todd-Banks

My life has been full of change, transition and new beginnings. Throughout the many decades I’ve worked, I’ve helped, coached, mentored and taught others ............. and there’s been one common thread – my continuing love and enthusiasm for helping others in their quest or goal.

Do you know the over 50’s represent the largest demographic in marketing history, yet businesses small and large have not recognized this massive market despite it’s continuing growth to astronomical levels in the coming years.

Boomers, ‘midlifers’ and seniors have for years, been my focus and are now even more so.

Consider this: for many in this demographic their life has been focused on others, family, and work and it’s not until they reach midlife and beyond they begin to think about themselves. Now it’s their time.

Today over 50’s are living longer healthier lives and as such want to do more with their life, but many have no idea what, or where to go for help.

New Thinking > New Ideas > New Action = New Life!

Many say ‘how can I find what to do, when I don’t know what to look for’? They need to think differently but most don’t know how to do that, which is why coaches like myself can help.


Government agencies and related organizations, suggest get a job, get some training, learn a new skill, but the jobs aren’t available and they’re not fulfilling.

My comment to these organizations is to ‘stop trying to put a round peg into a square hole!


It’s time to be creative. Over 50s have learned many skills in their lifetime, why not look at the skills they do possess, analyze those and see how to turn those into some form of income producing work, that’s satisfying and one in which passion comes to the fore.


Just listen to Mature Preneurs Talk Podcast and you’ll hear countless over 50s, 60s, 70, who have done just that. Their stories are remarkable, inspiring and very uplifting.